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3 questions to Martine Busy, President and Director..

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What do you like about makeup?I love color and I love painting, and I've been doing it for years! I perceive women as paintings: I prepare the canvas, which I paint according to desires and need (glamour, natural, gothic, romantic, etc.) to obtain a pictorial work, which we will be able to admire. All women have a beauty potential,which can be rebalanced at any age! I love the art of make-up,because it is a clever mix of strict respect for the rules, observation of facial lines, and choice of...

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MaqPro: French manufacturing and labels, guarantees of quality

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MaqPro make-up products are all made in France,specifically next to Béziers, in Sale. In a 2,000-square-metre factory with a fixed team of 25 people, the brand offers all its know-how thanks to high-qualityequipment and raw materials.As a result, the research laboratory continuously creates new products and responds to customer requests. For its part, the control laboratory checks raw materials and manufactures. Finally, the production plants, they, condition, label, pack, store and ship. All...

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