3 questions to Martine Busy, President and Director..

Posted By: Walid Riahi On: 10-03-2021 Comment: 0 Hit: 2477

What do you like about makeup?

I love color and I love painting, and I've been doing it for years! I perceive women as paintings: I prepare the canvas, which I paint according to desires and need (glamour, natural, gothic, romantic, etc.) to obtain a pictorial work, which we will be able to admire. All women have a beauty potential,which can be rebalanced at any age! I love the art of make-up,because it is a clever mix of strict respect for the rules, observation of facial lines, and choice of colors, all to create beautiful harmonies.

Why did you choose MaqPro?

I discovered this brand in 2007, when I was training as an image consultant. I ended up favoring it, already because everything is made in France. But above all for the ethics of the company. Indeed, MaqPro makes it a point of honor not to sell all kinds or take customers for walking wallets. I never sell a product that is not controlled by the person at first. I'll make him discover and test it. Make-upis like perfume: the olfactory side and the tactile side are essential. This is the same with the texture and feel on the skin. For example, the "puff" foundation, a MaqPro exclusive, seduces all those who try it. It's about choosing the products in your make-up kit, just aiming.

Why are you excited about the MJ Make Up adventure?

I have always sought to pass on my know-how, which I have been doing for thirteen years with make up make up. Thanks to years of practice — I have over 8,000self-makeup classes under my belt! " I reached a level that made me want to share my knowledge with professionals as well. I have been feeding this goal for several years, but achieving it requires putting yourself forward, in the light, which is not really natural to me. By finding my partner, the co-founder and commercial director of MJ Make Up, José Civico, who is very good at it, I'm finally passing this milestone. And I'm really excited about that!


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