Make-Up Makeover


Make Up Make Up Makeover

Do you want to learn or better master make-up to (re)discover your full beauty potential? Want to know which colors are your friends and which ones to forget forever? MJ Make Up offers a make up make up make-up that will meet these expectations!


Whether you're a makeup professional or an individual, we're here to help. This make-up make-up, made with the MaqPro product range, is a bespoke service. By learning simple gestures and a few professional tricks, you will master the choice of colors, shadows and lights for your daily make-up.

Products, techniques, colours

We will first analyze and determine your skin type, the shape of your face and the eyebrow line, in order to use the most suitable products and techniques. Just like you, your make-up changes, depending on the ages and times of life.

Then it's time to examine your skin color, eyes and hair. Using fabrics, we will identify, by the so-called "seasonal" or "combination" method, temperature (hot or cold), clarity (light or dark), as well as saturation (luminous or dull). Enough to define with certainty the shades most in harmony with your skin tone!

The Importance of Gesture

Finally, it's time for learning and practice... Mastering the right gestures requires an exchange of sight. No tutorial on the Internet can replace the virtues of physical presence. For this, MJ Make Up offers a method that has proven itself since 2008!

So we make up on one half of the face, so that you discover the different steps and techniques, then it's up to you for the other half! But not alone: you hold the brushes and we guide you. By doing so, you activate your gestural memory. You will be able to reproduce all these technical gestures when the time comes.

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The makeover make up in a nutshell

-Studying colours and determining your colour palette

- Analysis of the morphology of your face

- Cosmetological advice

- Analysis of the make-up kit

- Self-make-up course

- Handing out a Make-Up board booklet

- Handing out a personalized review with before/after photos

Duration: 1 hour 30 for 1 person / 2 hours for 2 people


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You can return your order in whole or in part within 14 days of delivery.


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